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Finding the right investment opportunity for you

Query provides unique access to leading and innovative funds and we always have your goals in mind when introducing an investment opportunity. We focus on investment strategies with high financial potential and understand that sustainability and impact investing is important. Our aim is to connect our investors to funds and companies that provide innovative solutions that address the great challenges of our time.

The transition from intellectual capital to investable solutions is challenging. Our team has extensive experience in company building, private market investing and fundraising. We understand the why and how to connect the very best and innovative private markets opportunities with the right investors.

How we select funds
and direct deals

We represent funds and companies that are led by experienced investment and management teams who provide access to differentiated investment opportunities. Some recent examples include green impact, life sciences and a variety of technology opportunities.

We place great importance on the selection of partner funds and companies. Our goal is to select managers, who operate in a high potential and hard to access market, and who have the ability to outperform their peers.

Some of the areas we investigate are:

Investment Thesis

Is it innovative and relevant, do we believe the approach leads to strong results?

Are they experienced, outperforming and do they have sufficient resources and access to profitable market opportunities?
Are there processes in place so risks are managed and the investment objective is achieved by design and not by luck?

Process – Entry to Exit

Let‘s get to know each other

We will schedule a first meeting to talk about you and your investment strategy: What are your preferences relating asset class, theme, geography, ticket size etc, what is your timeline and cashflow profile? 

We present you with an opportunity

We will filter through our fund and business partner to find suitable opportunities. We will present you with a selected opportunity via call or email and explain why we see the investment as suitable. 

Meet & greet

Once we know you are interested in a particular opportunity we will introduce you to the fund or business partner. If you are still interested, follow up meetings are scheduled so you can continue with your own due diligence.

It's a match!

We think it’s good form to support investors and fund partners right up until the investment is complete. We want to build long-term relationships and help you find new investment opportunities in the future.

By the way, our service costs you – the investor – nothing.
In fact, you can only benefit. If you allow us to stay in touch and learn more about your evolving needs as an investors, then you’ll get access to new and interesting investment opportunities. Simple.


We promise
to introduce only high-quality, innovative and suitable investment opportunities
We will

do our best to only introduce relevant funds and deals that best meet your investment criteria

We will

maintain the relationship with you and the fund or company even after a successful connection


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Don’t worry, our first call won’t be a sales call. We want to get to know you, your investment goals, research and selection process and preferences. After that we will thoroughly select suitable investment opportunities from our portfolio and get back in touch.
Please leave your details and we will schedule an introduction meeting. We look forward to getting to know you!