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What we do

More than just simple fundraising

Finding the right investors can be difficult. In today’s world of limitless information and competing investment opportunities, we aim to match your innovative and relevant opportunities with the specific strategic goals of our investor network.

We have an exceptional track record in raising all forms of capital, taking advantage of our international network and highly experienced team. This breadth gives us confidence to deliver on any funding targets we undertake. A partnership with Query means that you can focus on investing while we focus on finding investor capital.

In addition to meeting your fundraising goals we want to offer you a little extra:

Pre-marketing support:
storylining, presentation development, due diligence questionnaire, comparative analysis
Fundraising plus:
identification of target investors, profiling and meeting management, activity reporting, due diligence
Ongoing service:
follow-up with potential investors, sharing of investor’s feedback, regular activity reporting


We know who you are looking for

We have developed relationships with a broad range of investor types and will customize our fundraising activities to suit your needs. A majority of these relationships are in Germany and the UK, but also the Middle East and the US.

Process – Entry to Exit

How do we match with our fund partners?

We are looking for funds and businesses with outperforming teams active in the sectors green impact, life science or technology. Send us your pitch deck, important data and your track record. It might take a few conversations and a little research but we aim to provide quick feedback.

Let’s get you ready for your fundraising journey

We want you to perform well which is why we offer the following soft services:

  • Feedback on your pitchbook and sales story
  • Optimise the dataset for potential investors
  • Practice pitch meeting

Our substantial contribution to your fundraising

We set realistic and meaningful fundraising goals based on your fund size, specifications and your match to our network. You receive a list of potential investors and together we decide who to approach. We will schedule a first pitch and follow up meetings until the investor is ready to commit.

Regulation and payment

Our payment structure is simple. We ask for a success based on your management fee and if the same investor invests in your next fund, we only take half the fee as a follow up. We have branches in Berlin and London and work according to regulatory requirements of those jurisdictions.

Liquidity Solutions
Whether you are a start-up founder, fund manager or investor, we will leverage our broad network and support all parties on the sell and buy side with secondary and liquidity solutions. We will act with discretion to meet your specific needs. 


We will

actively manage each mandate we take on and will not neglect our standards just to raise capital

We will

do our best to only introduce relevant investors to efficiently meet your fundraising targets

We will

maintain the relationship with you and investors even after a successful connection


What our fund partners say

Let’s get to know each other

Do you want to know more about our fundraising process?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch and leave a message.

We would like to review your fundraising documents in advance to get an understanding of your needs and to prepare ourselves. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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